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    Thank you for your interest and support. I have decided to put the business on hold to focus on family right now.

    Best wishes,

Thank You!

It has been an honor to photograph so many wonderful clients.  It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I am no longer accepting new clients at this time.  You know when it is time to close a chapter of your life.  I have felt that over the past few months and for that , business, and personal reasons, my little family and I have decided that it is best if I focus my energies elsewhere at this time. I am always happy to point you to some of the wonderful photographers in this area who I have had the joy of getting to know and call friends.

While I have loved every minute of photography, I never really settled into the business side of things.  Unfortunately, what they say is true.  It is 10% photography skills and 90% business skills.    It was not natural to me.   Too be honest, it can wear you down to have your value questioned and have your prices and policies argued over.  I am blessed in that the vast majority of my clients were amazing and wonderful, but to be called out hurts, even if it only happens once.

I honestly think that people forget we are a business or even people with feelings.  Curse of the social media world, I guess.  Its a small world in photography and some of what I heard said behind my back hurts.  It takes a lot of time and money to run a photography business.  While, I never linked one of the many articles detailing that, it is true.  My prices were set to make it worth my time away from my husband, family, and home.  Because that is worth something a lot to me.  But, in the end, I just did not have the business skills to make it really work for me and I lost heart to keep trying.  As much as I love photography, capturing memories, and creating something that will last a lifetime, the fact is that I barely was making minimum wage and hated the business and selling side of it.  I know a huge part is my fault for being a perfectionist and spending hours and hours editing to my liking, but that is who I was as a photographer and unfortunately I can not afford to continue and can not afford to be someone I am not.

I appreciate the opportunity to capture your memories for you and wish you all the best.  It is time to “focus” on family.  Haha.  Pun intended!

Warmly and Gratefully,


Moving on Up – Kernersville Senior Pictures, Colfax Senior Photographer

Tonight I had such a nice time photographing an eight grader who is ready to move on up to high school in the fall.  I was so happy when her Mom purchased this package for her.  Often these mid teens years are ignored when it comes to photographing and they are just as important to remember as the baby, toddler, and high school Senior years.  S was a natural in front of the camera and had the most beautiful smile.  Thanks for allowing me to capture this time for you, S family.


Greensboro Senior Portraits


Warm wishes,

The love of a parent – Kernersville Newborn Photography, Greensboro Newborn Portraits

The love of a parent for their child is something that is hard to put into words.  I always try to write my children letters that they can read at a later time and I encourage other parents to give it a try.  I want to celebrate this special love this Valentine’s day.  I am holding a contest for a newborn petite shoot.

The contest is open to all pregnant Mommies (or Daddies).  To enter, email me a love letter to your unborn child to enter.  A winner will be chosen from the entrants and will receive a one hour newborn session.   Additionally, they will also receive an 10×13 of one image from the session with a quote from their letter added to the image.  Deadline to enter is February 13th and the winner will be contacted on Valentine’s day.   The session will occur in the first 5-10 days after your miracle arrives.

To enter, email me your story at

Please spread the word and celebrate LOVE this month.




2012 in Review – Kernersville Newborn Portraits, High Point Newborn Photography

It has been a wonderful year!  Thank you to all of my clients who trusted me to capture your memories for you.  From my regular clients, to my Mommy and Me and Shoot for Sandy clients, it has been wonderful getting to know you all (and see some of you return).  I wish you all the best in 2013.  It is bittersweet for me as I put these together knowing I will focus mostly on newborns and seniors this year, but I am so, so excited for the new direction and the passion I have for it.  Warm regards to you all!

High Point Newborn Artist, Newborn Portratiure, Kernersville Newborn Photographer

Happy Halloween – Greensboro Photographer, Picture Tips and Tricks

Happy Halloween Friends!  I hope that it is a fun and safe one.  I am sure your kids are all ready to go and their costumes are picked out, so here are a few tips and tricks to get better pictures of them tonight!

1) Turn off the flash – natural light (or at least non-direct non-harsh light) is always more flattering.

2) On that note, start earlier than right before trick or treat time.  Kids want to GO and it gets darks FAST this time of year!  Sunset is at 6:26PM here in NC tonight, so I would start at 5:45, get some great pics and then trick or treat right as dusk settles in:)

3) Look at the sky and see if you can find where the light is coming from (tip: find the sun:)or the west) and face your subject in that direction.  If you are inside, find a window that still has some light coming in, just make sure it is not too harsh (i.e. you can not see the outline of the window in a shadow on the floor).

4) Outside, choose a dark background to make your subject stand out.  Inside, choose a solid background, such as a hanging blanket.

5) Focus on your subjects face and let the camera meter off of that.  You don’t want a dark or light subject and an exposed background!

6) Get down on their level – squat and shoot at their eye level.  It allows for a better picture and allows you to manipulate the background (such as remove roads, etc. or other things that would have shown up if you were shooting down).

Hope that was helpful!  I still am working on my beginner’s DSLR class, so look for that in the new year which will expand even further on how to get better pics of those babies!

I can not post without  a pic, so here is one from my terrible cell phone camera, but using all of the tips above it is a keeper (even if google over-sharpened it a touch):)

Stay safe,

F a c e b o o k